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We value the following sponsors. We use and highly recommend their products. 

TPM Saddles have been a long-term sponsor of Huon Smith. Huon and Tim McLachlan have worked together to create the perfect saddle and are very proud of the result.

TPM Saddles

Aerofelt Saddle Pads

Rick and Marissa unique saddles pads are a class above any other pad around. The contoured pads mould perfectly to the horse preventing pressure and the wool felt quality allows sweat to be absorbed as the material can breath. 


Les Smith has produced a fantastic horse walker system for us to use at Boonara. It has enabled us to keep our horses ready for competition through regular exercise. It is well built and looks very impressive, whilst being easy to use, horse friendly, and most importantly designed by experienced horsemen. 

Huon Smith: “Tim has been great to work with - very approachable and adaptable, and his workmanship is superior. The saddle is suitable for work, yet the stylish edge makes the saddle multi-purpose and therefore great value for money. The saddles are luxurious with a unique feel.”

Huon Smith :  “I love the moulded fit which works in harmony with both your saddle and the horses’ back. The pads have fantastic aesthetics and are crafted using superior materials. I think they will turn some heads.”

Huon Smith: “The Ezywalker is absolutely revolutionary. It is suitable and safe for every temperament and age of horse. We believe that it is the best horse walker on the market.” (Huon Smith)

Hi-Way 1 & MAN Trucks Australia

Dennis Jurrs
MAN Trucks Australia offers a luxury product at affordable prices, with a huge range to choose from. They are always very willing to accommodate your needs. Hi Way One is also one of the biggest dealers in the country, selling a large range of trucks and machinery at competitive prices with great customer service.

Huon Smith: “"At Boonara Performance Horses we use the TGX 400 model, which has Outstanding handling and is a dream to drive. The automatic truck has enabled us to travel smoothly and comfortably from show to show”.

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